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World Famous Attars

World Famous Attars

Attar, ittar and othr, all these words have similar meaning, basically attar is an Arabic word which means scent. Attars are derived from flowers, herbs, spices or other materials which are great in engrossing fragrance. Indian Attars are world famous and can be categorized into two main categories like Floral Attars and Herbal Attars.

Kannauj region of Uttar Pradesh (India) is well known for producing Attar. In this city, greater part of population are involved directly or indirectly in the production of  Essential oils, Absolutes, Attar or itra. This city is like to Grasse in Southern France. There is no other place on the planet where attar is made without the utilization of alcohol. Botanic Planet has large collection of top notch attar items. Buy today and SAVE!

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