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About Us

Botanic Planet Canada Inc., takes pride in offering the highest quality Essential oils, Absolutes, Carrier (Vegetable) Oils, Herbal Extracts, Whole Herbs, Herb Powders, Cosmetic Raw materials, Cosmetic Preservatives, Cosmetic Waxes, Cosmetic Butters, Cosmetic Bases, Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical Packaging, Spa supply and other nutritional ingredients. We deal extensively in all of the above mentioned as well as other natural products. With our Ontario as well as globally online, we are always in position to quickly deliver the quality products you require. By providing excellent service and the finest quality products, BOTANIC PLANET makes ordering Essential oils and raw material much easier for our Natural Health Partners and Direct Customers (DIY).

Currently, BOTANIC PLANET carries over 2000 different products to fill almost any requirement you have. BOTANIC PLANET is able to offer high volume discounts as well as fulfil the smallest of needs with no repacking fees. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service and account managers are always available to assist you.

At Botanic Planet Canada Inc., our mission has always remained the same which is to supply the finest, purest, natural products at honest, competitive prices. Our dedication to customer service means that we aim to ensure that every time our customers deal with BOTANIC PLANET, it is a pleasant and memorable experience.

Today's industry is facing growth challenges, constant regulatory changes and quality issues changing consumer demands. The BOTANIC PLANET team of professionals combines research, manufacturing resources, production methods and quality assurance to accept these challenges and become your raw material supplier of the future.

BOTANIC PLANET manufacturer, a cultivator, processor, importer and exporter of Natural Essential oils, Herbal extracts and Raw Material, Our Products and supplies used by Aroma therapists, Natural Health Practitioner, Homeopathic Practices, Nutraceuticals, Health Food, Dietary Supplement and other Industries Internationally.

Botanic Planet’s Cosmetics is a professional Body care company that promotes skin wellness through the production and sale of nutrient driven skin care products. Botanic Planet products were created to sooth, hydrate, & revitalize any and all skin types. Each of our products will exuberant your senses and overload your skin to its core; with skin beneficial vitamins, nutrients and essential oils!

Each active ingredient found in our products is specifically chosen for both; it’s ability to neutralize free radicals (oxidized atoms that pre-age your skin & damage your body’s cells / tissues) & prevents skin ailments (mild skin disorders) from occurring. There are many health benefits to using our products, that will all together allow your skin & body to feel completely rejuvenated and silky smooth.

When used as directed, our products are able to; promote micro circulation, reduce inflammation and prevent and correct problematic dry skin areas. Our ingredients work together to optimize your skin's immune systems, thus preventing: the formation of wrinkles, the damaging effects that “wear and tear environmental factors” may have on it & helps your skin to maintain its suppleness & elasticity.

We are committed to providing Our Customers and Health Care Partners with outstanding products that consistently meet high quality and performance standards. At Botanic Planet Service is a commitment, and our mission is to exceed your expectations!

PLEASE NOTE: Botanic Planet Canada has only one location to serve you in Brampton, Ontario, Canada but over the years lot's of copy caters popped up like botanic this and botanic that, please don't be confused about it, you can simply compare our product line and our prices to theirs and see the difference yourself. Our range of products is the largest in North America.