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Essential Oils (S to Z) Canada

Essential Oils (S to Z)

An essential oil is a liquid that is generally distilled mostfrequently by steam or water from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots, orother elements of a plant. Essential oils, contrary to the use of the word oilare not really oily-feeling at all. Most essential oils are clear to yellow. Essentialoils contain the true essence of the plant it was derived from. Essential oilsare highly concentrated and a little goes a long way. Essential Oils AromatherapyOils are the highly concentrated, volatile, aromatic essences of plants. Allthe countries of the world provide essential oils, making aromatherapy a trulyglobal therapy. Botanic Planet essential oils are true, undiluted essences extracted.

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Showing 1 to 42 of 42 (1 Pages)
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