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Carrier Oils

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are used to thin down essential oils and absolutes before they are implemented on the skin for massaging and aromatherapy. You can call them base oils or vegetable oils. They are used to spread the essential oils onto the skin that's why they named as Carrier Oils. They are extracted from the fatty parts of the plants and if applied to the skin directly or undiluted can cause irritation or reactions in some individuals. They do not contain a concentrated aroma and not evaporate like essential oils. They are available in different ranges, each have various therapeutic properties. Selecting one of them depend on the area being massaged and presenting conditions. Carrier oils are produced with two main techniques, Cold Pressing and Maceration. Sweet almond oil and grape seed oil are two very popular carrier oils in all over the world. Botanic Planet is a great online store to buy pure and natural Carrier Oils online.

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