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Our fragrance oils last on both your person and your dressing table as well. Pure fragrance oils last most people 6 to 24 hours, depending upon skin type, evaporating naturally during the course of the day or evening. But, just as important, pure fragrance oils will also last and last in the bottle. Many people are not aware that perfumes with fillers spoil! Industry experts say 6 to 18 months is the usual shelf-life of a perfume, depending on the components and their quality. But, pure fragrance oils will retain their fragrance year after year. Formulas for Designer Fragrances are well-kept secrets, but trained, experienced, fragrance professionals can generally pick apart the elements of most fragrances. Just like jewelry, pure fragrance oils vary tremendously in quality. We have put an enormous amount of effort into selecting the best possible quality pure fragrance oils of every type.

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