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Witch Hazel Leaf P.E. 3:1

  • Witch Hazel Leaf P.E. 3:1

Product Name: Witch Hazel Leaf P.E. 3:1

Botanic Name: Hamamelis Virginiana


While witch hazel is originally from North America, today this potent herb can also be found in many parts of central and southern Europe. Both the leaves and the bark of the witch hazel plant have been used in herbal medicine. It is believed that witch hazel may be useful when used in connection with colds sores, eczema, and hemorrhoids. Witch hazel has been used historically to relieve hemorrhoids, injuries, tumors, and ulcers. It has also been used in landscaping due to its attractive leaves and flowers, which bloom in the late summer. Witch hazel seeds, more commonly known as hazel nuts, are popular food items.

Here are some of the uses: -Witch hazel when taken as a tea can help to slow internal bleeding. -Witch hazel is used as a vaginal douche. -Witch hazel can be used as an injection for bleeding piles, vaginal discharges, and infections. -Internally, witch hazel is used for diarrhea, diphtheria, hemorrhoids, leucorrhea, prolapsed bowel, varicose veins, and uterine problems. -A poultice made from the inner bark is used for hemorrhoids, bedsores, oozing skin disease, varicose veins, and eye inflammation. -Witch hazel combined with a small amount of peppermint oil, it is useful as a mouthwash, for a sore throat, or inflamed gums.

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