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White Sage Hydrosol Water

  • White Sage Hydrosol Water

Product Name: White Sage Hydrosol Water

Botanic Name: Salvia apiana

White Sage is amongst the dried botanicals that are traditionally used by Native Americans during smudging rituals. Native Americans find that sage, when properly burned, helps to rid a space of negative energy. Native Americans tightly tie and dry sage into bundles known as smudge sticks. Though a different technique is needed to burn and keep smudge sticks burning, smudge sticks are considered a form of incense.
White Sage (Salvia apiana) hydrosol is very powerful with aromatic influences and assumed mystical energetics with pronounced benefits. Simply spray around your home, office or other space for purifying energy that counters negativity. Distilled from the same herbs used as smudge sticks by indigienous Native Indians and burned as incense. Suzanne Catty recommends using White Sage hydrosol to mist and cleanse the auric field and disperse negative energies.

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