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Turmeric Root P.E. 4:1

  • Turmeric Root P.E. 4:1

Product Name: Turmeric Root P.E. 4:1

Botanic Name: Curcuma longa


The turmeric spice is derived from the root otherwise known as Curcuma longa. It is a tuberous root, and when ground, becomes the yellow colored spice that most of us are familiar with. It is used all over the world, but is known for its healing properties in Asian countries for years. Turmeric has been shown to exhibit antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antihepatotoxic effects. It relies on its volatile oil for its actions. It is noted for its ability to treat inflammations of the digestive system and the reproductive system. This makes it useful in folk remedies for hepatitis, flatulence and spasmodic dysmenorrhea. It increases the production of enzymes in the liver that metabolize toxins in the manner similar to schizandra, Licorice and Milk Thistle. This may also explain its anti-inflammatory effects.

Some of the health benefits of turmeric extractare: -Anti-inflammatory properties -Relieve menstrual cramps -Relieve pain and swelling associated with arthritis -Used to help treat arthritis, diarrhea and asthma -Reported to help reduce lung inflammation associated with smoking.

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