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Senna Leaf P.E. 4:1

  • Senna Leaf P.E. 4:1

Product Name: Senna Leaf P.E. 4:1

Botanic Name: Cassia angustifolia


Senna belongs to the family of desert flowering plants called Cassia spp. Senna or senna leaf, whose botanical name is Cassia acutifolia is a popular herbal remedy that is obtained from Senna alexandrina. Some other common names for this plant are Alexandrian senna, India senna, Cassia senna, and Khartoum senna. This plant which is a member of the bean family is a native to India, Pakistan and China. This natural product is available over the counter in the form of dried root, liquid extract, tablets etc. Senna leaf, like many other herbs, has many therapeutic properties and has been used as a medicine for centuries. This leaf is mostly used to alleviate the symptoms of constipation and is also used as a colon cleanse. Senna is considered to be one of the most popular and traditional laxative that helps ease out the complications of constipation and other digestion related problems. The pods and seeds of the senna plant are used as a herbal medicine

Senna has various benefits as it has a long history of medicinal use. It has various benefits which are as follows: *Purgative - Senna leaves have purgative properties. It can also be used for children, elderly and weak persons. *Anthelmintic - It acts as anthelmintic and can expel intestinal worms. *Skin problems - Various skin problems can be treated with senna such as eczema, acne and pimples. *Stomach problems - Senna leaves are used in treatment of constipation and biliousness. *It is also used to treat rheumatism and gout.

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