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Schizandra Berries S.E 9percent

  • Schizandra Berries S.E 9percent

Product Name: Schizandra Berries S.E 9percent

Botanic Name: Schizandra Chinensis


Schisandra Berries, and the beautiful vines upon which they grow, are native to China, Russia, Korea and, some claim, to the eastern part of the United States. The plant is valued for its attractive flowers, foliage, and fruit (the berries), which are used in tasty and nutritious juices, and as an important ingredient in herbal medicine. The plant is fairly compact, adaptable to arbors and walls, and bears oval leaves, pink flowers and spikes of red berries. Schisandra has the ability to help those that suffer from Hepatitis. The lignans in the berry appear to protect the liver by stimulating cells that produce much needed antioxidants. Because of its adaptogenic properties, it has been applied next to some herbal medicines like Ginseng as a stimulator for the central nervous system, increased brain efficiency, improved reflexes, and an accelerated rate of endurance.

Health Benefits: -speeds recovery -increases stamina -strengthens immune system -increases eye acuity -improves adrenal health -protects against motion sickness -increases lung health -sexual enhancer -protects the liver -helps balance body functions

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