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Rosemary Herb S.E. 15percent

  • Rosemary Herb S.E. 15percent

Product Name: Rosemary Herb S.E. 15percent

Botanic Name: Rosmarinus Officinalis


Rosemary is an evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean coast but now cultivated worldwide for ornamental, culinary, medicinal and perfumery purposes. The essential oil is captured by steam distillation of the flowering tops. The oil is colorless to pale yellow with a woody-balsamic scent. The precise nature of the scent varies according to the plant's habitat. Rosemary has impressive healing properties and is also an excellent nerve tonic. A few drops of the essential oil in the bath restores energy levels after a period of prolonged stress. It can also be used in a burner to help concentration. Rosemary has always been associated with the mind and improving the memory. The warming and stimulating effects of rosemary help clear phlegm from the head and chest which is why it has traditionally been used as a remedy for upper respiratory ailments such as acute bronchitis, catarrh and colds.

Here are some of the uses: -Rosemary also improves hair quality & may delay baldness. -Rosemary has generally stimulative properties so it may be a good natural treatment for fatigue. -Scabies is a disturbing condition where mites house themselves under the skin & lay its eggs. This causes infections & lesions. What rosemary does for sufferers is minimizing pain of scabies by dabbing cooled tea onto affected areas. -Its antispasmodic effects enable it to relax smooth muscle tissue so rosemary is quite good for digestive problems. -Rosemary can also help relieve congestion brought on by colds & flu. -Rosemary also contains powerful antioxidants which may help in preventing cancer, heart disease & premature aging. -Its antioxidant effects may also help arthritis sufferers especially before disease worsens. -Moreover, its antioxidant properties also suggest it may be effective against cataract formation.

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