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Rose Red Grade B Oil (Bulgaria)

  • Rose Red Grade B Oil (Bulgaria)

Product Name: Rose Red Grade B Oil (Bulgaria)

Botanic Name: Rosa damascene

Red Rose Essential Oil is solvent extracted from petals of the Rose (Rosa Damascena Bulgaria). Rose Absolute is an orange yellow, orange reddish or slightly olive yellowish liquid of extremely rich, warm, spicy floral and very deep rose odor with a more or less pronounced honeylike backnote. The rose absolute diffusive power is only realized when the absolute is diluted or used at the concentration of a few percent or even less in a perfume base.
Red Rose Bulgaria Essential oil (Grade B) is not suitable for theraputic purpose but is a very common oil in the perfume and aromatic industry. Aromatherapists also credit it with being an exotic aphrodisiac, an emollient in skin care products, exellent for soaps, creams, lotions and shampoos.

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