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Reetha Powder Hair wash

  • Reetha Powder Hair wash

Product Name: Reetha Powder Hair wash

Botanic Name: Sapindus Trifolatus

Reetha powder is prepared from dried fruit of Reetha. It can be used as a face pack to improve facial complexion. It is used as a hair application to make hair shiny and their beautification. It also removes dandruff and lice in hair. It can also be used to clean jewellary and washing woollen clothes. It is used in Ayurvedic preparations and Herbal Shampoos.
Use 1 part reetha powder and 6 parts water , soak it for two hours then use it. Use it on hairs to kill the lices. This can also be used to clean the jewellery .The main use is in the herbal shampoos.

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