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Prune P.E. 5:1

  • Prune P.E. 5:1

Product Name: Prune P.E. 5:1

Botanic Name: Prune


The Prune is truly a majestic fruit. Weight for weight, they're by far the richest food source of protective antioxidants providing a massive boost to natural resistance and vitality. They contain potassium and iron which essential for healthy blood. Fibre and natural chemicals to keep you regular! (Shame that it is the butt of so many jokes). Vitamin A and vitamin C to help maintain healthy hair and skin. Chromium which maintains healthy blood sugar levels. Lutein to prevent eyesight failure and slow-release sugars to keep energy levels up during the day.

Prune juice is made by softening prunes through steaming and then putting them through a pulper to create a watery puree. Prunes and their "juice" contain the natural laxative dihydrophenylisatin. Faster results are obtained by heating the prune juice. Prunes also contain dietary fiber. Prunes and prune juice are thus common home remedies for constipation. Prunes also have a high antioxidant content. In China, the popular summer drink suanmeitang, made with sour prunes, is sometimes thought to have positive effects on acidity in the body.

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