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Potassium Hydroxide 90%

  • Potassium Hydroxide 90%

Product Name: Potassium Hydroxide 90%

Botanic Name: Potassium Hydroxide


Potassium hydroxide can be found in pure form by reacting sodium hydroxide with impure potassium. Potassium hydroxide is usually sold as translucent pellets, which will become tacky in air because KOH is hygroscopic. Consequently, KOH typically contains varying amounts of water (as well as carbonates). Its dissolution in water is strongly exothermic, meaning the process gives off significant heat. Concentrated aqueous solutions are sometimes called potassium lyes. Even at high temperatures, solid KOH does not dehydrate readily.

PURITY: >90%

Potassium hydroxide, also known as potash, is an inorganic caustic base used for liquid soap making. We carry potassium hydroxide in a flake form which is easy to handle and recommended for most liquid soap making recipes. Potassium soaps include those made from coconut oil fatty acid, vegetable oil, tall oil and toluene sulfonic acid.

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