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Oud Wood Essential Oil 5%

  • Oud Wood Essential Oil 5%

Product Name: Oud Wood Essential Oil 5%

Botanic Name: Aquillaria agollocha

Our Oud originates from the species Aquillaria agollocha, and is manor developed in Assam, India, a zone initially known to have a wealth of actually happening agarwood trees. While there are still wild agarwood trees to be found in distant woods locales, they are amazingly uncommon and exceptionally hard to acquire. By obtaining agarwood oil from developed trees, we cause lessen harm to the final wild agarwood trees, and to the backwoods in which the valuable agarwood trees develops.
The aroma is complex, profound and woody, and is exceedingly prized as an incense in Japan and as an oil in the Middle East. On account of its irregularity, Agarwood is not notable in the West, but rather ought to be experienced by each authority of basic oils, and anybody genuine about fragrance based treatment and characteristic perfumery. Agarwood oil is the most powerful sexual enhancer of all the fundamental oils. A powerful tonic, its aphrodisiac enhancer and diuretic properties helps in epilepsy. It likewise has carminative, antimicrobial, and against asthmatic properties. Further, it is additionally Useful in stomach related, apprehensive clutters, bronchial grievances, stiffness, smallpox, ailment amid and after labor, fevers, fits in the stomach related and respiratory frameworks. It is utilized as a part of Aromatherapy applications and for restorative uses in countless drugs.

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