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  • Safflower Oil ORGANIC (MAXICO)

Product Name: Safflower Oil ORGANIC (MAXICO)

Botanic Name: Carthamus tinctorius

Organic Safflower Oil-High Oleic is rich in essential fatty acids. After extracting the oil from the seed, Organic Safflower Oil-High Oleic is refined resulting in a clear honey colored oil with a bland odor and taste. The oils higher Oleic acid content makes the oil more stable and resistant to oxidation. Safflower Carrier Oil is the first choice amongst manufacturers for cosmetics requiring a moisturizing oil. It is also very popular in massage blends as it is easily absorbed, and can be washed from sheets without heavy staining.
A vast number of applications exist in the cosmetic, nutritional, and culinary industries. Safflower Carrier Oil is heavily used in manufacturing, massage therapy, and to a lesser degree, as a carrier oil in aromatherapy.
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