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  • Bhringraj Oil

Product Name: Bhringraj Oil

Botanic Name: Eclipta alba

Bhringraj Oil helps in the treatment of hair problems and problems related to the scalp. It strengthens the roots of the hair and improves the general hair condition.Bhringaraj oil helps in reducing stress and anxiety depression. It also induces sleep and treats problems related to sleeplessness.Bhringraj oil helps to prevent the problems of repeated miscarriages and abortions in women. It also helps in relieving post-delivery pain in the uterus and other related parts.

Ingredients:-Bhringraj powder, Olive oil, Sunflower oil and vitamin E.

massage with this oil helps the person feel young, revitalized, beautiful, and healthy. It thus helps in improving the general well being of the person.Due to its anti-aging properties Bhringaraj oil brings about a rejuvenating effect on the whole body. It is also used as a tonic to improve the general strength.
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