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Nettle Leaf/Root S.E 1percent

  • Nettle Leaf/Root S.E 1percent
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Product Name: Nettle Leaf/Root S.E 1percent

Botanic Name: Urtica dioica


The nettle plant can found naturally in most temperate regions of the world. The tough fibers from the nettle stem have been used to make cloth and cooked nettle leaves have been consumed as a vegetable. Historically, nettle has been used to relieve coughs, tuberculosis, arthritis, and to stimulate hair growth. There is still some disagreement as to the identity of the active constituents in the nettle herb. Nettle is one of nature's diuretics. It aids the body in eliminating uric acid and bacteria both of which cause urinary tract infections and kidney stones. This diuretic action of nettle may also help relieve premenstrual bloating and lower blood pressure. Nettle leaf uses make quite an impressive list: dysentery, diarrhea, hemorrhages, gravel, febrile affections, chronic diseases of the colon, nephritic complaints, eczematous affections, eczema of the face, neck and ears, and chronic cystitis.

Here are some of the uses: -Prostate: One of the benefits of nettle leaf is that it can be successfully used, as a remedy against Prostate inflammation, also known as prostatitis. the medications produced with the help of the nettle leaf are also very effective in treating Prostate hyperplasia. -Allergies: the large amount of vitamins and minerals make the nettle leaf extra beneficial. the extract of these leaves is used in medications and lotions that are used to treat allergies. the extract of the leaf is also used to get rid of nasal and chest congestions, as a result of allergic reactions against foreign substances entering the body. -Anti-Inflammatory: the components of nettle leaf are often used to suppress the production of prostaglandins, a hormone-like substance that causes inflammation of the skin. One of the benefits of nettle leaf, which can also be considered a miracle, is that it can be used to make an astringent, which can be applied topically to treat internal bleeding.

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