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Lily Absolute Oil

  • Lily Absolute Oil

Product Name: Lily Absolute Oil

Botanic Name: Lilium auratum

Our Lily Absolute Oil is pure undiluted Lily Oil extracted . Most Lily Oil is extracted by solvents and is therefore called an "absolute" (Lily Absolute). While our Lily Oil is technically an absolute, it is most rare, coming from a small growers extracts the essential oil from the flower by the method of solvent extraction. Pure local palm oil is used to absorb the aromatic oils from the Lily flower petals and once the palm oil is completely saturated with the essence of the Lily flower then the palm oil is separated from the Lily oil by cane sugar alcohol which is then evaporated to leave only the Lily oil. Lily Oil is one of the popular fragrance Oil available on the earth. The Lily Oil is having very sweet aroma and can last for days if applied on the cloths. It is undiluted, uncut and pure Lily flower fragrance oil and highly used in cosmetic and perfume preparations for giving a great flowery note. 
The oil extracted from lilies, Lily Absolute, has healing and softening properties. Especially, when the lily essential oil is mixed with that of calendula, it works wonderfully for sensitive skin. Some benefit has been shown for the use of Lily Essential Oil and Calendula in the treatment of cuperosis or spider veins. Lily oil (with Calendula) can be used for massage, in a bath, after a bath, for dry cuticles and elbows, as a facial moisturizer, under-eye oil and hot-oil treatment. Lilium auratum was first introduced to the Western world from Japan. Lily essential oil is one of the most precious oils in the world and known for its heavenly aroma and fragrance. During the extraction process, fresh, fully opened flowers are plucked from the Lily plant and carefully laid on trays covered with a layer of palm oil. The essential oils from the flower petals slowly migrate to the palm oil and the process is repeated until the palm oil is completely saturated with the oil of the Lily. Then the Lily oil is separated from the palm oil by alcohol which then evaporated leaving only the pure Lily Essential Oil or Lily Absolute.

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