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Kutki P.E 4.1

  • Kutki P.E 4.1

Product Name: Kutki P.E 4.1

Botanic Name: Picrorhiza kurroa


This Ayurvedic herb is found in the western Himalayas from Kashmir in India to Sikkim. Kutki helps to maintain healthy bile production and supports healthy liver function. It is safe to use as nutritional support for excessive fat. It balances pitta and kapha (fire and water) in the body. It is used as a mild laxative, hepatoprotective, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic. It helps in cases of skin problems, jaundice and improves eye sight. It is also used to check first stage of liver cancer. Traditional Indian (Ayurvedic) healers have relied on this plant for centuries to treat lung and liver disorders including hepatitis and poor bile production, constipation, digestive upset, and snakebites, among other ailments.

Asthma, candidiasis, constipation, arthritis, dysbiosis, eczema, liver diseases, viral liver disease especially Hepatitis B Virus (decreases bilirubin levels), toxic liver damage, liver infections, increases protein synthesis in the liver (needed for repair of liver cells), acute and chronic infections, weakened immunity (enhances many aspects of immune system - T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes & phagocytes, auto-immune diseases, asthma, Vitiligo (reduces the number and size of unpigmented skin patches), fevers, jaundice; bronchitis; dyspepsia, anemia.

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