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Arnica Liquid Extract 20%

  • Arnica Liquid Extract 20%

Product Name: Arnica Liquid Extract 20%


Arnica Flowers has been used for its medicinal properties since the 1500's and remains popular today. For this reason, Arnica is listed in the European Pharmacopoeia as a treatment for dark spots, swelling hair growth stimulant and skin bruises. It is often the first remedy used for injuries such as sprains and bruises. As a result of its vulnerary (increase wound healing) and anti-inflammatory properties, Arnica has been used topically for a wide range of conditions, including muscles aches, superficial phlebitis, rheumatic pain, inflammation from insect bites and swelling due to fractures. Arnica also increases local blood supply to accelerate healing and hastens the rate of re-absorption of exuded blood in cases of internal bleeding and hemorrhage. Herbal remedies of Arnica also increases the rate of healing in the body following a surgical procedure. Arnica Flower Extract may be useful in skin care formulations that are intended to reduce epidermal inflammation and irritation, along with contusions, sun burns, pigmentation and products designated for alleviating other irritations and inflammation.

Appearance: Light to medium amber liquid. Contains 20% extract dissolved in water and glycerin, preserved with Leucidal Liquid SF Complete.

CAS No: 56-81-5, 7732-18-5, 68990-11-4, 122-99-6

INCI Name: Glycerin, water, Arnica Montana (Arnica flower) extract

Use: Added to water phase or after the formulation is completed (o/w emulsions). In w/o emulsions extract has to go into the water phase. 

Usage Rate: 0.5-10%. For external use only.

Applications: Face Toners, Cleansers, Masks, Lotions, Creams & Hair Care.

Country of Origin: Canada

Animal Testing: Not animal tested

GMO: GMO-free, but not certified

Vegan: Yes

Arnica Liquid Extract 20%

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