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This plant occurs throughout india except mountian regions. Characteristics of Adhatoda vasica: Leaves are long and dark green in colour. cattle do not eat this plant as the leaves emit an unpleassant smell.

The leaves are used in the treatment of respiratory disorders in Ayurveda. Research performed over the last three decades revealed that the alkaloids, vasicine and vasicinone present in the leaves, possess respiratory stimulant activity. Vasicine, at low concentrations, induced bronchodilation and relaxation of the tracheal muscle. At high concentrations, vasicine offered significant protection against histamine induced bronchospasm in guinea pigs. Vasicinone, the auto-oxidation product of vasicine has been reported to cause bronchodilatory effects both in vitro and in vivo. In another study, vasicine showed appreciable bronchodilatory effect and marked respiratory stimulant activities whereas vasicinone showed relaxation of the tracheal muscle in vitro and bronchoconstriction in vivo. Of the two alkaloids, vasicinone was found to be more potent than vasicine, with potential anti-asthmatic activity comparable to that of disodium cromoglycate.

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