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Relaxing, calming, reducing stress have all been terms we are familiar with this day and age. So why has it become so critical that we relax more, stay calm, and reduce everyday stress? It is a common question and topic that we can all relate to today. As life picks up the pace day in and out with tons of to-dos, errands and non-stop hustling and bustling for the average person, we fail to acknowledge that sometimes, we simply need to stop, take a break and understand the needs of the self and body. However, for many, that is usually not on the list to do.


At Botanic Planet, we encourage everyone to keep their health and wellbeing first and on the top of that list at all times! We hold amazing products that help all lifestyles get through their day active and alert. Of these many products, we carry many different kinds of massage oils for everyday use. But before we get to their benefits, let us understand how massage benefits our health. 


Massage is a healing method with therapeutic properties of treating many physical and psychological conditions such as, 


  • Reduce stress
  • Relieve anxiety and depression 
  • Relax the mind and body 
  • Decrease muscle tension 
  • Relieve pain
  • Improve circulation 
  • Increase joint mobility and flexibility 
  • Improve skin tone 
  • Improve recovery of soft tissue injuries 
  • Effectively support people with chronic or life-threatening illnesses 
  • Improve circulation 
  • Heighten mental alertness 


A massage is simply the stimulation of the body’s soft tissues of the skin mainly exercised by using techniques of the hands, fingers, elbow, knees, forearms, feet or devices. These exercises have been designed to relieve muscle tissue contractions and spasms that are possible causing pain and discomfort, and reduce nerve compressions which also cause muscle stress and tension. 


There are also many forms of massage all used in different situations such as by a practitioner. Types of massage include the following with the brief explanation to each


  1. Myotherapy


·         Treatment of soft tissue pain and injury mainly affecting movement and mobility

·         Restoration of soft tissue structure such as muscle, tendons, ligaments and fascia 


2.           Remedial 

·         Treatment of biomechanical dysfunction of injury using mobilisation techniques 


3.           Therapeutic 


·         Main focus is in promoting relaxation and blood circulation 


4.           Lymphatic Drainage 


·         Relaxing of the nervous system using a whole body treatment focus overall improving the body’s immune system       


5.           Aromatherapy 


·         Massage oils incorporated with essential oils for therapeutic effect 


6.           Baby Massage


·         Aids babies in treating constipation, colic and sleep pattern disruption 


7.           Reflexology 


·         Exercising reflex points in the feet, hands, face and ears that regulate all parts of the body

·         Reflex points are stimulated by pressure to trigger the body’s natural process of healing 


8.           Shiatsu 


·         Focused on improving energy flow by stimulating particular body points 

·         Shared principles of acupuncture 


9.           Sports 


·       Combination of techniques focused on enhancing performance, injured or overworked muscles of the body related to playing sports 


These are the various benefits and techniques related to the concept of massage. Massages are proven to aid overall health and wellbeing in a safe and natural way reducing the need to intake strong medications to treat any form of stress in the body.


At Botanic Planet, we know these benefits are in it for the long run which is why we encourage all our customers to try our various massage oils available. We encourage the use of these massage oils as it reduces the friction on the skin and enhances the process of massage. Whether you are a professional in massage, or a practitioner or maybe you have keen interest in the therapeutic area, we urge all of you to give our massage oils a try TODAY!!

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