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For thousands of years, plants were the basis and source for our health and wellbeing. Today, they are still very heavily relied on to create all types of products and medicines however, not to the level at which synthetic approaches are utilized. In the modern day world, the pharmaceutical industry which originated from the help of botanicals now base their research and development of medicine from a synthetic approach to drug discovery. With Westernization, this has become the standard approach across the globe. 

With the world buzzing at crazy speeds with technology and development, a quick and fast way of life has been normalized. People want results quickly which is why chemicals and synthetics seem to have fulfilled this need for everyday medicine and health. As a result, large pharma corporations spend billions to fulfill this need.

However, over time, the root of the problem has been long forgotten. These synthetic systems have been designed in such a way that customers keep coming back for more, so that the problem at the root is never resolved, and we are mainly focusing on treating symptoms rather than treating the problem at hand, not to mention, creating additional non-related health issues due to the side effects.

This is the modernized approach of the health systems here in the Western world. All solutions to the health and wellbeing of the body are approached by outside chemicals which may provide temporary and fast relief however, it may leave you with other health problems or development of long term effects later in life. This side of the health field is often referred to as Allopathic. Much of the Western world along with many other developing countries have adapted to this realm of medicine as it focuses on treating and curing the disease rather than the imbalances of the body as a whole.

Botanicals on the other hand are the bases of naturopathic and homeopathic medicine whereby patients are simply treated by the use of plant and natural based products extracted from nature to cure an imbalance taking place in the body. 

Over the years, as the world and its societies evolved, everything around us grew into fast paced environments causing researchers to realize that treatments to health problems needed to be quick and fast to keep the human going and not fall behind in their ongoing fast-paced lifestyles. This is when the introduction of synthetic compounds were introduced as their use assured more benefits than risks providing faster relief than botanicals. 

This is where it has become critical in realizing that these uses of synthetic compounds have started to take a toll on the human body. As a result, many have started to gain this knowledge and slowly start shifting back to organic and natural forms of medicine. With thousands and thousands of chemicals incorporated into our daily lives, from plastics to cosmetics to the food we ingest and the medicine we take, the human body is never free of them.

And so, humans have started to suffer from many incurable and chronic diseases that today’s medicine is failing to cure but rather only treat symptoms temporarily. We encourage all our customers to study and pay attention to the natural products available in the market today as Botanicals have proven to be the most safest way of treating and maintaining the body. Our store holds all types of raw materials to essential oils ready to use and incorporate into everyday life. Visit us TODAY and commit you health to a more safe and natural way of living so that you live healthy and free of chemicals!

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