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Kala Gond (Siah Gond) Powder

  • Kala Gond (Siah Gond) Powder

Product Name: Kala Gond (Siah Gond) Powder


It is known to helps joint pain, and overall body pain. It helps in problems like swelling of joints, joints pain with & without, sciatica and any type of muscle, bone pain & nerve pain. Kala gond is an anti parasitic gum made from aloe vera plant.

1. Helps with sunburn

2. Helps moisturize the pores and skin

3. Boosts wounds healing

4. Fights pores and Ant ageing

5. Reduces acne and pimples

6. Lightens blemishes and dark spots

Direction:- Take 1/2 teaspoon twice daily with juice or water.

NOTE:- Color and taste may vary from lot to lot

Legal Disclaimer:- Statements regarding this dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Health Canada or FDA.

Kala Gond (Siah Gond) Powder

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