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Product Name: WHITE MUSLI C/S

Botanic Name: Aspargus Adscendens

The ancient Ayurvedic Samhita mention two varieties of musali viz. white and black. The word musali, alone, denotes the white variety, which is commonly used. The white variety is called as Safeda Musali and the black one is known as Kali Musali, in national language Hindi. Though the black variety is supposed to be superior in properties, both the varieties have, more or less, similar properties and used, hence, both are described together.

The rhizomes of white musali have great medicinal value. The fine powder of rhizomes cooked in milk, is given along with ghee, rock candy, cardamom, almond, cloves and tvak as a sex tonic. It is used as an aphrodisiac as well as to increase sperm count. The plain powder of rhizomes by itself is given in urinary calculi. The rhizomes mashed with milk, are used in burning sensation of the body, with great benefit. Musali nourishes all the seven dhatus (tissues), hence is commonly used as a rejuvenative. The rhizomes of black musali have great medicinal value and are commonly used for diverse medicinal purpose. In leucorrhea and menorrhagia, the rhizome powder, buds of japa and rock candy are given together followed by a glass of milk. In general debility, the rhizome powder is given along with sugar and milk. The black musali is beneficial in erectile impotence and spermatorrhea. In burning sensation and fatigue, the rhizome powder is recommended with milk and sugar.
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