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Gymnema Sylvestre has been widely used in India for years. Its preparations have profound actions on the modulating taste, particularly suppressing sweet taste sensations. For this reason gymnema sylvestre is known in Hindi as gurmar, or "sugar destroyer". It has been believed that gymnema sylvestre has benefits of anti-allergic, antiviral and lipid lowering activities. Gymnea may also offer health benefits for people suffered from diabetes mellitus. With very limited information, chemicals of gymnea sylvestre are believed to be able to lower the sugar available in the stomach for absorption, raise the insulin levels and block the dietary fat absorption.

Gymnema has several properties which lends it to helping blood sugar management. It: * Reduces sugar absorbed from food in the intestines * Stimulates insulin production * It appears to build pancreatic beta cells, which produce insulin * Finally, taking Gymnema drops on the tongue dulls the sense of taste for sweet foods.

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