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Glycol Stearate

  • Glycol Stearate

Product Name: Glycol Stearate

Glycol Stearate is used to give your surfactant products a pearl look. Depending on how much you use, you can also turn an transparent surfactant into a white product depending on what else ingredients are in your formula. You can achieve a pearl look to your surfactants while staying all natural. So you can either create a pearl look by using Glycol Stearate or by purchasing an already pearl paste which you just add to your surfactant system. No need to melt the Glycol Stearate down, our pearl paste is designed to not take away from the foaming action of your product. This is why the Pearl Paste has a surfactant agent added to it to make sure the Glycol Stearate doesn't take away from the foaming action when added to your product.
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