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  • GA ZAO

Product Name: GA ZAO

Botanic Name: Ziziphus Spinosa


Ziziphus zizyphus , commonly called Jujube, Red Date, or Chinese Date, is a species of Ziziphus in the buckthorn family Rhamnaceae, used primarily for its fruits.

The fruits are used in Chinese and Korean traditional medicine, where they are believed to alleviate stress. The jujube-based Australian drink 1-bil avoids making specific stress-related claims, but does suggest drinking 1-bil "when you feel yourself becoming distressed". Ziziphin, a compound in the leaves of the jujube, suppresses the ability to perceive sweet taste in humans. The fruit, being mucilaginous, is also very soothing to the throat and decoctions of jujube have often been used in pharmacy to treat sore throats.

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