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Fenugreek Essential Oil (India)

  • Fenugreek Essential Oil (India)

Product Name: Fenugreek Essential Oil (India)


Botanical Name: Trigonella foenum


Extraction Method: Steam Distilled


Description: The brownish-yellow seeds of rhombic shape (about 3 mm).


Aromatic Scent: Fenugreek Essential Oil has a bitter and aromatic scent. The leaves' fragrance slightly resembles lovage.


Common Uses: Fenugreek Essential Oil is reputed to aid in digestion. As an emollient it is used in poultices for boils, cysts and other complaints. Fenugreek has been considered carminative, demulcent, expectorant, laxative and stomachic. The plant has also been employed against sore throats, wounds, swollen glands, skin irritations, diabetes, ulcers and in some cases for the treatment of cancer. Acting as an expectorant, it contains mucilagins which are known for soothing and relaxing inflamed tissues, relieves congestion, reduces inflammation and fights infection, alleviates coughing, stimulates perspiration to reduce fevers, and is beneficial for treating allergies and bronchitis. Fenugreek is also an excellent source of selenium, an anti-radiant which helps the body utilize oxygen and is also a natural source of iron, silicon, sodium and thiamine. It is reputed to be used in conjunction with insulin to aid in diabetes and also to lower blood pressure. Fenugreek has also been used to promote lactation and as an aphrodisiac.


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