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Cranberries are dwarf evergreen shrubs. The creeping shrubs grow to a height of 2 m. The stems are slender, not thickly woody and possess small evergreen leaves. The flowers are dark pink in color, having very distinct re-flexed petals. The style and stamen are fully exposed and point forward. The berries are the fruits of the herb which are initially white but turn to deep red in color on ripening.

Cranberries are used as jelly and it is often known as cranberry sauce. Cranberries are a source of poly-phenol antioxidants which benefits the cardiovascular system and immune system. It is also used in spinal paralysis. It is believed that Cranberry is antibacterial, anti-fungal in action and acts as an antioxidant. It is assumed that Cranberries reduce the rate of urinary tract infections.

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