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Product Name: CLIMBING IVY C/S

Botanic Name: Chedera Helix


Hedera helix (Common Ivy) is a species of ivy native to most of Europe, from Ireland northeast to southern Scandinavia, south to Spain, and east to Ukraine and also northern Turkey in southwestern Asia. The northern and eastern limits are at about the -2°C winter isotherm, while to the west and southwest, it is replaced by other species of ivy.

In the past, the leaves and berries were taken orally as an expectorant to treat cough and bronchitis.In 1597, the British herbalist John Gerard recommended water infused with ivy leaves as a wash for sore or watering eyes. Because of toxins also contained in the plant, it should only be used under the consultation of a qualified practitioner. The leaves can cause severe contact dermatitis in some people.

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