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Cherry Kernel Oil (ITALY)

  • Cherry Kernel Oil (ITALY)

Product Name: Cherry Kernel Oil (ITALY)

Botanic Name: Prunus Avium

Cherry Kernel Carrier Oil contains natural antioxidants, alpha, delta and gamma tocopherols plus vitamins A & E. It also contains a polyunsaturated fatty acid called eleostearic, a conjugated linolenic acid that prevents UV absorption by forming a barrier on the surface of the skin or hair. Cherry Kernel Oil is considered a lightweight oil which is known to be rich in vitamin A and E, tocopherols and the essential fatty acid Oleic (C18:1). The oil is a light yellowish clear liquid which is extracted from the kernel of the Cherry tree (Prunus Avium). Refining of the Cherry Kernel Oil limits its odor and taste to a faint presence.
Cherry Kernel Oil is known to be an effective emollient as it is easily absorbed into the skin. This oil is also known to help counteract and soothe skin conditions including itching and dryness. The soaping industry knows Cherry Kernel Oil to condition and provide stable lather to soap formulas. Beliefs exist that the natural properties in Bulk Cherry Kernel Oil can help to fight UV absorption. Traditionally, this oil has been used in massage therapy and aromatherapy. Cherry Kernel Carrier Oil is a stable, emollient oil great for skin care products and soap making. It can be used as a light, moisturizing oil for lip balms, body butters, salt and sugar scrubs, bath or massage oils as well as soaps and shampoos. It is used in aromatherapy and by massage therapists.

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