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By itself, chai is merely the generic word for tea in Hindi and many other languages around the world, and was adopted into British slang as "cha" or "char". However, for many English speakers who refer to ordinary tea as "tea", the word "chai" is a relatively recent addition to their vocabulary and automatically implies "masala chai".

Made from a base of black tea, Chai is full of antioxidants from the tea leaves which help boost your immune system and prevent illness. As of late, all teas including black tea have been in the news for their significant health benefits. In fact, the National Cancer Center Research Institute in Tokyo has suggested that in the most practical method of preventing cancer may be drinking tea. studies have shown that drinking tea can lower instances of all types of cancer but is particularly helpful in inhibiting cancers of the esophagus and digestive system as well as long and breast cancer. Not only that but there is some evidence that drinking tea can help counteract some of the damage that chemotherapy does to your white blood cells.

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