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Combining ascorbic acid with calcium produces a supplement which is less acidic and therefore easier on the digestive tract. This allows for the use of higher doses without possible side effects such as diarrhea, rashes and stomach aches that may occur in sensitive individuals taking pure vitamin C.

Individuals with bleeding gums or frequent colds and infections may not be getting enough vitamin C to suit their needs. Physical and mental stressors, such as inadequate sleep, excessive or intensive exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, and a diet low in fresh fruits and vegetables will increase daily requirements. Oral contraceptive users as well as pre-and post surgery patients may maintain vitamin C status with supplementation. Individuals who consume processed meats such as hot dogs, bacon and deli meats are at higher risk of cancer due to the chemical reaction between nitrates/nitrites and stomach acid, which produces nitrosamines. Fortunately, the resulting cellular damage by these chemicals may be prevented with adequate vitamin C and E intake (Lieberman and Bruning, 1997, 104). In any case, unavoidable everyday exposure to chemicals and other stressors warrant vitamin C supplementation for all.

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