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Broom Genet Absolute Oil (Italy)

  • Broom Genet Absolute Oil (Italy)

Product Name: Broom Genet Absolute Oil (Italy)

Botanic Name: Spartium Junceum (ITALY)

GURANTEED LOWEST PRICE IN NORTH AMERICA. Brooms belong to the group of evergreen, semi-evergreen, and deciduous shrubs of the legume family fabaceae. It is found in sunny sites, generally on dry, sandy soils and has leafless stems that are covered in profuse golden-yellow flowers in spring and summer.
The Broom Janet flower Abslolute is used as Anti-arrhythmic and for cardiotonic, diuretic, hypertensive and narcotic treatment. Having a beautiful floral, tuberose character, it blends well in oriental as well as floral types where it is used in aromatherapy based applications for giving warmth and softness to the body muscles.

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