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Product Name: BIRCH LEAVES C/S

Botanic Name: Betula Alba


It has white bark, which can be peeled off in horizontal strips. Its leaves are chordate, bright green above and lighter beneath, serrate, and hairy. Both male and female trees bear flowers; but only the female will bear seed cones. It has drooping branches and peeling bark and grows about 10 - 25 meters in height.

It is used for rheumatism, arthritis, gout, arteriosclerosis, water retention, cystitis, kidney stones, fevers, as well as skin eruptions. It is used with great success to help with psoriasis and eczema. The astringent effect of the sap also helps to tone the skin and has a positive effect on increasing skin elasticity. In hair care products, it is most useful to combat oily and greasy hair and also acts as a general conditioner to the hair.

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