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Maqui Berry Carrier Oil Virgin

  • Maqui Berry Carrier Oil Virgin

Product Name: Maqui Berry Carrier Oil Virgin

Botanic Name: Aristotelia chilensis


Maqui berry, Aristotelia chilensis, is native to the rainforests in Chile and Southern Argentina. Anciently used as a healing fruit for its anti‐inflammatory properties, this was only the beginning of the maqui fruit. Maqui berry was found to have an unusually high level of beneficial, antioxidant rich pigments. This new super fruit is overshadowing Goji and Acai and has become an overnight sensation in the nutrition industries. Referred to as the beauty fruit, maqui berry is being noticed as the next super fruit. Maqui Berry Oilt utilizes this beauty fruit to bring the same beauty into luxurious skin care formulations.

External Use only

Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Plant Part: Seeds
Origin: Chile

Maqui Berry Carrier Oil Virgin

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