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Emu Oil Refined Clear Organic

  • Emu Oil Refined Clear Organic

Product Name: Emu Oil Refined Clear Organic


Emu Oil Refined Organic Clear Natural From Australia. Emu oil Ultra Clear contains a complete balance of essential fatty acids (Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9), which play a part in almost every function of the human body, including the regeneration of healthy new skin cells. Emu oil supports skin's natural stimulation of proteins resulting in faster rejuvenation. The effects of emu oil to replenish and rejuvenate skin are indisputable. Ultra Clear Emu Oil is a great choice for use as a natural age-defying treatment. It is also used for aches and pains, problem skin, scars, stretch marks, burns and wounds. This highly potent form of pure emu oil provides all of the skin nourishing benefits that our regular emu oil has to offer plus superior anti-inflammatory benefits and quicker absorption. The ULTRA Clear Emu oil is perfect for: 

•Wrinkles, anti-aging 

•General skin care and moisturizing 


•Cuticle Care 

•Dry, cracked skin on feet 

•Prevention of stretch marks 

•Hair care/ dry scalp 

Using Ultra Clear Emu Oil for acne scars and stretch marks, results can be seen within days. ARTHRITIS and PAIN RELIEF: Naturally enriched with pain relieving and anti-inflammatory agents, Ultra Clear Emu Oil products also reduce discomfort and soothes sore muscles and joints, offering a fast respite from leg cramps, muscle aches, pains and pulls.Ultra Clear Emu Oil products are applied by professional sports teams and fitness centers around the world. ECZEMA and PSORIASIS: Ultra Clear Emu Oil makes wonderful moisturizers that can sooth symptoms of Eczema and Psoriasis.

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