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Lotus Pink Hydrosol (INDIA)

  • Lotus Pink Hydrosol (INDIA)

Product Name: Lotus Pink Hydrosol (INDIA)

Botanic Name: Nelumbo nucifera


Lotus flower or what we know as a lotus flower is one of the plants that live in muddy areas, ponds, or the area begins. Interest which is the typical flower of India and Vietnam has several scientific names such Nelumbium Nelumbo, Nelumbo speciosa, Nelumbium speciosum, Nelumbo nucifera. The beautiful Sacred Lotus flower is certainly pleasing to the eyes. Depending upon the location and genetics, lotus flowers can be pink, white and yellow. The plant contains natural compounds that give it numerous healing powers to both the body and the mind.

Lotus is rich in vitamin C, it has good amount of copper and iron, contains vitamins b-complex, adds volume and shine to hair, it heels flaky and dry skin by acting as strong moisturizing agent and also reduces skin inflammation. Lotus oil and hydrosol is also used in the personal care products such as massage oils, bath soaps and body lotions as well as in aromatherapy. Lotus fragrance provides a feeling of peace and calm.

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