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White Oud Attar

  • White Oud Attar

Product Name: White Oud Attar

Botanic Name: Aquilaria sinensis


Method of Extraction: Hydro-Distillation Extraction process. 

Part of the Plant Used: Trunk and roots of white oudh tree, also known as Agarwood, Eaglewood, Aloeswood and with several other names in different cultures and countries. 

Originated around southern countries of Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia and India.Application

This attar used for aromatherapy and high end perfume, it is greatly practiced during meditation and aromatherapy due to its amazing rejuvenating and exotic properties. It is actually one of the most costly attars as it takes almost 100 kg of woods to avail 50 ml of this attar.

Strength of Aroma: This attar possesses a mild woody and earthy aroma.

Color: It is generally light yellow to light brown.

White Oud Attar

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