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Raat Ki Rani (Cestrum Nocturnum) Attar

  • Raat Ki Rani (Cestrum Nocturnum) Attar

Product Name: Raat Ki Rani (Cestrum Nocturnum) Attar

Botanic Name: Cestrum Nocturnum


Raat Ki Rani (Cestrum Nocturnum) attar is derived from the flowers with Hydro-distillation method and attar is extracted from the fresh cestrum nocturnum flowers. The essence of cestrum nocturnum is still intact and the aroma of sandalwood oil is also added in it which makes this attar having different and unique fragrance. This fragrant oil has complex aroma of narcissus, tuberose and jasmine blend which is very intense and alluring. Its aroma has magical capability to enhance the wellness of mind and body. It is widely used in the aromatherapy treatment and in the manufacturing of exotic and high end perfumes.


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