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Kesar Saffron Attar

  • Kesar Saffron Attar

Product Name: Kesar Saffron Attar

Botanic Name: Crocus Sativus


The Hydro-distillation process is used for extracting this attar. The flowers of Kesar plant are used for extraction. It is having very delicate, lovely and unique fragrance. Without having advised by an expert, pregnant women should refrain themselves from using this attar. The well known Kesar attar offered by us is obtained through such organic and traditional extraction method that its natural essence and medicinal properties keep intact with the perfume oil. Its lovely scent and refreshing essence is widely used by people of Indian subcontinent since ancient era. The kesar plant is well recognized for its health benefits and therapeutic properties. Derived through the Hydro-distillation method, this attar is well recognized in the perfume industry and used for preparing exclusive perfumes which is used by both male and female equally. It is well applied with aromatherapy treatment to cure various ailments that are related to mind. It is also used in the skin care products formulation due to its strong skin elevating properties.
Perfumery: It is best used in the perfume industry due to its amazing floral fragrance which is highly enchanting and alluring to be used for making exotic perfumes. It is also used in various perfumed products like incense sticks, scented room fresheners, etc.
Aromatherapy: Like many other attars, it is also having very rejuvenating effect on mind and body which is why its importance is widely utilized in the aromatherapy treatment to alleviate problems like stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, etc.
Cosmetics: the therapeutic properties elevate skin condition glow and help nourish skin troubles. 

Kesar Saffron Attar

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