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Amyris Essential Oil (West Indies)

  • Amyris Essential Oil (West Indies)

Product Name: Amyris Essential Oil (West Indies)

Botanic Name: Amyris Balsamifera

Amyris essential oil is obtained by the process of distillation from the amyris tree wood. It is an evergreen tropical tree grown all over the word. The botanical name of amyris is amyris balsamifera. The amyris tree wood is so rich in oil that it burns like a candle. Amyris wood is also referred to as West Indian sandalwood for its sandalwood like aroma. Amyris oil is a slightly viscous pale yellow liquid with a sweet woody fragrance.
It has a very soothing and relaxing effect on the nerves. This is one of the properties of amyris oil that makes it a widely used treatment for stress and insomnia. There are various uses of amyris essential oil.

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