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Aloe Vera P.E Extract 20.1

  • Aloe Vera P.E Extract 20.1

Product Name: Aloe Vera P.E Extract 20.1

Aloe Vera, a perennial succulent belonging to the lily family, is a well known herbal medicine with multiple names, such as the First Aid Miracle Plant, the Burn Plant, etc. It is a bitter herb with anti-inflammatory, astringent, emollient, anti fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties, and is useful in the eradication of parasites and stimulating the uterus. Aloe vera is thought to have"biogenic stimulators"and wound healing hormone activity. Externally, the juice has been used to treat skin diseases, burns, and bruises, having both soothing and healing properties. Liquid aloe vera also helps prevent scar tissue from occurring inside the body at the site of an incision.
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