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Hyacinth Absolute Oil

  • Hyacinth Absolute Oil

Product Name: Hyacinth Absolute Oil

Botanic Name: Humulus lupulus

Hyacinth absolute is normally a reddish-brown to dark brown or greenish-brown, viscous liquid with an intensely sweet, green, floral odor. It is extracted from the flowers of Hyacinthus orientalis having a refreshing and invigorating fragrance. Some of its usage include in Shower Gels, Facial and Room Sprays, Perfumes, Muscle Gels and Creams.
Hyacinth Absolute is a complex oil which brings on calm and forgiveness. It has been used by aromatherapists to enhance the right hemisphere of the brain bringing about greater creativity and improved self esteem. It has an incredibly exotic and heady fragrance that has a lot of depth. It find usage in high class perfumery mainly oriental and floral perfumes. It is used in shower gels, perfumes, facial and room sprays, muscle gels and creams. It has a beautiful sweet, floral-green and honey like aroma.
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