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Sorbic Acid

  • Sorbic Acid

Product Name: Sorbic Acid


Sorbic acid is antimicrobial agents often used as preservatives in food and cosmetics to prevent the growth of mold, yeast, and fungi. In general the sorbic acid salts are preferred over the acid form because they are more soluble in water, but the active form is the acid. The optimal pH for the antimicrobial activity is below pH 6.5. Sorbates are generally used at concentrations of 0.025% to 0.10%. Adding sorbate salts to food will, however, raise the pH of the food slightly so the pH may need to be adjusted to assure safety. Typical concentration 0.05-0.3% (if used alone) or 0.05-0.15% (if used in combination with other preservatives). Under certain conditions, sorbic acid may oxidize and cause slight color changes in the cosmetic product. This can normally be prevented by adding 0.1–0.3% citric acid to the product. For external use only. All kinds of cosmetic products like creams, lotions, shampoos, makeup & sunscreen products.

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