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Ripe Mango Fruit Powder

  • Ripe Mango Fruit Powder

Product Name: Ripe Mango Fruit Powder

Botanic Name: Mangifera Indica


Appearance: Pale yellow to yellow orange colored powder.

Mango is a member of the cashew family and is reputed to be extremely high in Vitamin A, C and Beta Carotene. It is often used in formulations to help prevent the appearance of fine linesand the drying of skin. By preventing the deterioration of the skin, it helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

Recommended Usage: The maximum quantity of powdered fruit extract should not exceed 0.5% of the total product, while in tincture form the maximum amount of fruit extract must not exceed 5%.

Origin: India

Ripe Mango Fruit Powder

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