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Poke Root Oil

  • Poke Root Oil

Product Name: Poke Root Oil

Botanic Name: Phytolacca americana


Poke root is a flowering shrub with red-pink stems and black-purple berries. It's native to the southwest and eastern regions of the United States, but it grows throughout the country. You can also find it in South America, Europe, and Asia. Poke Rt Oil has been used topically for common symptoms of lymph congestion. . Poke is a strongly acting plant that has traditionally been used on skin anomalies and to support healthy breast tissue and a healthy lymphatic system. Apply to skin as needed with a focus on chest, around armpits, neck and pectoral area. Poke root oil is used widely in the treatment of mastitis (breast infection), breast cancer, lymph, thyroid, boils, scabies, edema, hot sores, lung disorders, swellings, fibroids, arthritis, clogged ducts, breast lumps, poison ivy, and so on. It’s due to the plant’s saponins, which are anti-inflammatory compounds found in the Phytolacca species.

Poke Root Herbal Oil Ingredients: Wild crafted Poke Root, Organic Olive Oil, and Organic Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E Oil (ALL ingredients non-GMO and organic or wild crafted)

Origin: Canada

Poke Root Oil

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